Gain the tactical advantage on the most dangerous people on your registry

Do you work with Special Victims? Or do you work with Probation and Parole?

If you said “Yes”, do you want to get ahead of the curve, predict instead of react and save money while making the community safer? Our data scientists allow you to do just that.  All for less than the cost of the gas in your cruisers.

Our predictive analytics and a tactical dashboard answers questions like:

1.  How should I manage my caseload?
2.  Where is crime most likely to occur?
3.  Who are the most likely victims?
4.  Who are most most dangerous offenders and parolees?
5.  Do I have more dangerous offenders than last year? Last Month?
6.  What contact strategy should I have for each person on the registry?
7.  Who should receive heightened supervision?
8.  Where are they on a map?
9.  When a child is abducted, who should I look at first?




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Our product has four components to give you the advantage in fighting crime


Use Prediction and Science, not Chance and Luck

We look at your offenders, victims and locations.  We put a risk score on each one.  We identity dangerous offenders and at-risk populations. We put them on a map for you.

We give you the tools to get ahead of the curve and prevent crimes against women, children and vulnerable populations.

Get ahead of the curve today. Let science work for you.

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Stop using History as a Predictor of the Future

Imagine every single neighborhood in your community having a risk score — a risk score for rape, robbery, burglary, assault and murder. Imagine knowing what times of day, day of week and season of the year increase risk.

ROMI can literally predict crime trends, giving you insight into the future and allowing you to optimize your patrol strategies, contact and probation strategies and heightened supervision tactics.

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When a Child goes Missing ...

Know who is who.  Know who was near the crime.  Know who to look at first with science at your side.

See your offenders and suspects on a map.  Know who is most dangerous.  Know who had the highest opportunity to perpetrate the crime.

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24-7 Tactical Dashboard

We put our risk scores, victim data and crime data all together for you in a custom dashboard.

You don’t have to fit a ready-made product; instead, we build it for you.

NO training required.

View the dashboard on your computer, cell phone or even tablet.  It is fully interactive, available anytime, anywhere.

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"ROMI Analytics met and exceeded all of our expectations by using advanced statistical models to provide actionable insights into the data" -- Ben Luzynski, Executive Vice President, Watch Systems