ROMI Analytics Predictive Policing: What we will do for you

November 22, 2015 /

  by romianalytics

We want to be the best we can be. Do you?  We want every effort, every tool, and every advantage to make us better. You too?  We’re going to be great partners.

Predictive Policing by ROMI Analytics is state of the art data analysis. THE breakthrough tool available to police departments throughout the country. We partner to assist in ultimate law enforcement.

Police departments across the country are facing tough resource constraints. Manpower shortages are hampering patrols, investigative efforts, and most importantly —  officer safety.

ROMI Analytics Predictive Policing helps combat those issues.  Directing existing resources in the most efficient and strategic manner.

ROMI Analytics takes every piece of police collected data- 911 calls, police reports, traffic citations and we analyze it all with the most advanced mathematical techniques in the world. Trending historical data and applying future predictions based upon every aspect of every neighborhood in real time application.


  • Safer patrol strategies.
  • More effective patrols.
  • Officer presence preventing crime before it happens.
  • Provide predictability for specific crimes.

Whatever your department needs we can help. Call us for a free evaluation.



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