The questions we answer

January 7, 2016 /

  by romianalytics

  1. How is crime in your community changing over time? How does it vary year over year? Month over month? By season? By time of day?
  2. What neighborhoods are experiencing increases in crime? What types of crime?
  3. What neighborhoods will experience increases in crime? What types of crime?
  4. What neighborhoods are at risk for spikes in crime in the next 3 months? What types of crime are they likely to experience?
  5. Where should my officers be deployed to best decrease violent crime in the summer? Property crime during Christmas?
  6. Can you show a map each type of crime, and overlay our patrol routes?
  7. What are the most likely escape routes for auto theft? Robbery? Burglary?
  8. Where are the most likely victims located? What parks, retail locations and city landmarks are most at risk?
  9. What neighborhoods have violent against officers occurred, and what neighborhoods are at risk for similar events?

These are some of the questions we can answer for you.  If you have the data, we have the analysis and would love to help.  Call us today at 888.232.ROMI or email us at



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