What is Prediction?

June 16, 2016 /

  by romianalytics

Predictive Policing:  

For as long as humans have inhabited the earth, they have tried to predict the future.  Now, we are there.  Predictive Policing is an exciting new tool for law enforcement.  It is based on science and advanced statistics.  It uses high-powered computers to reveal hidden patterns in data. And it works.  Gain the tactical advantage in fighting crime, improving the community, keeping officers safer and stretching your law enforcement dollar.

What is Prediction?

Prediction is all around us.  Weathermen use it to predict the storms.  Insurance companies use it to figure our premiums.  Mortgage lenders use it.   Casinos and state lotteries use it.  Sports commentators use it.

In fact, businesses have used predictive modeling for years.  Why? Because it works.  The average salary for a data scientist is over $113,000 per year.  Now the very same techniques businesses have been using are available to you, your officers and your community — and for a lot less than 113,000 per year!**

Prediction looks at a set of factors to see how they affect something else.  That might sound fancy — but you do it every day.  When your favorite football team opens the game by throwing two interceptions, you know they are a lot less likely to win.  If you are out at a baseball game, and the sky darkens, the wind picks up and the temperature drops, these are all signs that it is going to rain.   When you pass someone on the street and they shield their right side from you, fumble with their right pocket and won’t make eye contact with you, your alert level increases.  We do the same thing with data.

We look at your 911 calls, arrests, traffic stops and more.  Plus, we look at over 1,000 factors in our database.  Many of these predictors have been custom developed by behavioral scientists with years of experience.  Using these data, we develop complex mathematical equations that literally predict where crime is most likely to occur next.

It is important to emphasize prediction — prediction is completely different that historical analysis.  While some neighborhoods remain dangerous year over year, you also know neighborhoods change all the time.  Some become more dangerous.  Some bad ones turn good.  And some good ones turn bad.  Don’t put yourself at risk by assuming things never change. Call us today at 888.232.7664 to see what prediction can do for you.

** See Glassdoor’s salary report here:





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