Our product

We analyze all of your data, and come to you in order to present our findings on all aspects of crime in your community.  We work with you to interpret the data and come up with actionable plans to reduce crime. Then we bundle everything that can be deployed in an easy-to-use dashboard that can be accessed anywhere. Here are some more details …

Crime Trending

You know crime varies.  It varies by season.  It varies by time of day.  And it varies by the day of the week. ROMI empowers you with all of these facts.

We do this for all types of crime — every type of crime you track we analyze.  You will see what types of crime are on the rise, and what types are decreasing.

All of these trends will be presented to you in a clear, concise set of graphs.

Predictive Risk Scores

ROMI scores our every neighborhood in your community. We assign every single one a risk score for auto theft, violent crime and property crime.  We break this out by both misdemeanors and felonies.  Gain a complete picture of risk for each neighborhood.  Then you can devise tactics to proactively (not reactively) fight crime.

Crime Mapping and Patrol Stragegies

Each neighborhood and their risk scores are then mapped.  You have a complete picture of your patrol area.  The maps allow you to filter by time, day, month and year.  You can filter by types of crime.  You can filter by seriousness of crime.

Further, you can overlap your patrol sectors on this map so you can optimize the deployment of officers, help keep them safer and make the most of your law enforcement dollar.

24-7 Tactical Dashboard

Once all of this is done, you will have the information displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard.  You can view this dashboard on your computer, phone or even a tablet.  The dashboard is so easy to use that no training is required.

With the ROMI dashboard, you can truly interact with your data.  See the trends in your data. See where high crime areas exist.  Understand how crime is changing in your area. Be safer.  And be more successful.

Putting it all Together

We take your data, analyze it, and give you actionable intelligence in quarterly reports and sit downs with you.

We provide you with a dashboard to give you 24-7 intelligence.

And everything we do is custom made to meet your needs.

You receive a dedicated crime analyst. You receive a money back guarantee.  And you receive results.  Call us today at 888.232.ROMI (7664) for a free consultation and sample dashboard.