Election Services

Are you working on a political campaign? Do you know who in your community is most likely to vote Democrat or Republican?  Do you know what they like to do? What issues they support? Where they live?

We use advanced geographic analysis to place all your supporters and swing voters on a map, identify areas you have either support, some support or little support.  We provide you a list of all of these people so you can mail, call or email them. 

We work with you to design campaigns to reinforce your base, win swing voters and effectively inform those groups where you have little support so that they may be turned into supporters.

Police Registry Services

We offer a range of services to law enforcement.  Any type of analysis you need done we can do. This includes mapping your crimes, identifying the days/times/ crimes occur, which neighborhoods are most likely to be victimized, who is most likely to become a victim and what the most effective patrol strategies are for your team.

We also offer analytics to help you manage your registry as well as probation and parole. Visit our Law Enforcement page for more information, or call or email us to review a case study.

Probation and Parole Services

Probation and Parole also has huge caseloads. We can use our analytics in pre-sentencing to recommend how often you should check in on an offender as part of his sentence, or after sentencing to help you manage the offender and prevent future offenses.