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Work smarter through data and analytics

Work smarter through data and analytics


We combine data with powerful analytics to give you the ROMI Advantage

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Nobody goes on a trip without knowing where they are going. ROMI Analytics provides you with the intelligence needed to be successful.

Many businesses try to get new customers by taking out an ad, or running a social media campaign, or sending a bunch of emails.

As we all know, everyone gets a ton of mail and email these days. In order to get anyone to pay attention, you need to connect with them in ways that matter to them.

This is where we come in. We tell you who is most likely to buy, how much they are likely to buy, and how much money you can expect to make from them over time.

Combining powerful data with machine learning, AI and predictive analytics, we give you insight into customers that will leave your competitors behind.

Don’t waste money without understanding who your customers are, and what’s important to them. Market Smarter. Market Cheaper. Let us do the heavy lifting.