Get New Customers

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization. As more and more businesses compete for your customer’s attention, it is harder and harder to get new people through the door. To help you grow your business, we look at everyone in your trade area. We do this by pulling a list of every individual living near your business. You get their address, phone number and information about them that will help you market to them.

From here, we use this information to tell you how likely each person is to respond to your call, email, direct mail piece, or even buy your product. This saves you thousands of dollars on marketing costs because you are not chasing prospects who will never buy your product.

Keep Existing Customers

Finding new customers is about 5 times more expensive than keeping existing ones. This is because we often have to mail or call them repeatedly in order to get them to respond. And on top of that, we usually offer a sign-on bonus or coupon of some sort, which cuts into our bottom line.

Learn which customers are most likely to leave before they actually do! We can tell which customers are most likely to churn out so you have a chance to save them. Don’t let your competitors take your customers and their revenue from you.

Communicate with your Customers more Effectively

We all get hundreds of emails a month, and dozens of direct mail pieces. It takes a lot to catch our eye because everyone is competing for our attention. As our time becomes increasingly valuable, businesses struggle to get their customers attention.

Learn what is important to each and every one of your customers - learn if they are older or younger, have families, enjoy sports and hundreds of other things so that you can mention things that are important to them in your messages. And then they will respond.